Acer Projectors


Deliver a captivating presentation at the office along with impressive text and graphics that bring your presentation to life. Comprising a WXGA resolution with an impressive contrast ratio of 20,000:1, this projector displays high-quality content. It also has Acer’s ColorBoost3D technology which automatically adjusts color saturation, temperature and brightness.

Crisp and Clear Content

With WXGA resolution, an impressive contrast ratio of 20,000:1 and a high brightness level, this projector delivers all your content in cinema-like quality, irrespective of the lighting conditions and distance. It also features 3D DLP Ready technology that provides a 3D effect to all your images, creating a stereoscopic vision. As a result, you can enjoy more depth perception, which leads to a more immersive watching experience.

ColorBoost3D Technology

Since this projector features Acer's ColorBoost3D technology, it leads to reduced brightness decay and color shift for both 2D and 3D content. It automatically adjusts color saturation, temperature and brightness, making your content bright and vivid.

Easy to Use

With the 40-degree keystone correction feature, this projector automatically adjusts vertical distortions, so you don't end up with distorted images. Not only that, the top-loading lamp design of this projector ensures that you have easy access to it, irrespective of whether you've mounted it on a surface or the ceiling.


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