Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z-Series Core


Dell Networking Z-Series of core/aggregation switches provide optimal flexibility, performance, density and power efficiency for your data center. Offering a range of fixed-form-factor switches, the Z-Series is designed to deliver high performance for today’s demanding workloads while providing headroom for future data-center demands.


        • Multi-rate options including 10, 25, 40, 50, 100 or 200GbE
        • Up to 12.8Tbps (full duplex) throughput performance with the Z9264F-ON and up to 25.6Tbps (full duplex) with the Z9332F-ON and Z9432F-ON
        • Exceptional low latency delivering sub microsec latency
        • User-configurable table adjustments for virtualized data-center deployments

Optimized Architecture

Optimized leaf/spine architecture with Z-Series switches supports data centers of virtually any size, with up to over 100,000 servers.

On Demand Performance

Exceptionally high density with the Z9264F-ON providing up to 128 x10/25GbE ports, and the Z9332F-ON and Z9432F-ON providing up to 32x400GbE and 128x100GbE ports in a single switch.


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