Lenovo ThinkPad E490


ThinkPad E490’s optional security features help your SMB take control. The fingerprint reader adds secure biometric authentication, while the discrete trusted platform module (TPM) encrypts data at the hardware level. We take care of security so you can take care of business. The ThinkPad E490 features the latest Intel® Quad Core™ processors and it’s Intel Optane™ ready—which means that when you choose this memory option, everything’s accelerated, from everyday computing and opening media-rich files to loading high-performance games. The available products are: 20N8S11G00, 20N8S0X300, 20N8S0XD00, 20N8S04H00, 20N8S0JC00, 20N8S0JD00, 20N8S01H00,20N8S05Q00, 20N8S01K00, 20N8S0QY00, 20N8S0R000, 20N8S1AH00, 20N8S1AG00

Built for business—tested for life

The ThinkPad E490 is tested against industry-standard quality checks to ensure reliability. Our ThinkPad E Series PCs undergo a range of testing like hinge life-cycle durability, fan testing to keep thermals in check, vibration and non-repetitive shock tests for everyday handling and transporting, and even keyboard testing to verify sturdiness and longevity of keys and components. When you buy the E490, you get the perfect blend of value and durability.

Dazzle with style

When it comes to being on the go, not only is the ThinkPad E490 light enough to tuck under your arm while heading to your next client meeting, but it’s sure to look good too. Choose the durable plastic top cover for a more cost-effective model, or stick with the metal version for a thinner model. Either way, there are two colors to convey your personal style: sleek Silver or classic Black.


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