Logitech Mic Pod Mount

Elevate the appearance of meeting rooms equipped with Rally and Rally Plus. With a compact footprint and clever cable management, Mic Pod Mount anchors Rally Mic Pods to the conference table, provides a hidden path for cabling, and organizes excess cable beneath the table.

Mic Pod Mount fits tables up to 50mm (2 in) thick and installs through grommet holes from 25 – 65mm (1 – 2.5 in) in diameter.

With a cable spool to neatly coil excess cabling beneath the table, Mic Pod Mount eliminates unsightly cables above and below the table for a professional look.

With Threaded Rod Attached
  • Height: 90 mm
  • Width: 146 mm
  • Depth: 146 mm
Without Threaded Rod
  • Height: 22 mm
  • Width: 146 mm
  • Depth: 146 mm

Perfectly Placed

Say goodbye to visible cables and wandering mic pods. Mic Pod Mount gives meeting rooms a finished look while making sure that mic pods stay connected, meeting after meeting.

Fits Most Tables

Mic Pod Mount anchors mics and routes cables through grommet holes from 25 - 65 mm in diameter, and adjusts to tables up to 50 mm thick.


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