Logitech Scribe


Effortlessly share whiteboards into video meetings with Logitech Scribe, an AI-powered whiteboard camera for Microsoft Teams® Rooms, Zoom Rooms™, and other leading video conferencing services. With built-in AI and a custom lens, Scribe broadcasts whiteboard content into video meetings with outstanding clarity. Now, even remote participants can have the best seat at the table.


Camera : Height: 149 mm, Width: 119 mm, Depth: 573 mm, Weight: 1.1 kg

Share Button: Height: 12.7 mm, Diameter: 71.8 mm, Weight: 108 g

Power Injector: Height: 91 mm, Width: 60.2 mm, Depth: 36.3 mm

Dongle Transceiver : Height: 22.5 mm, Width: 31 mm, Depth: 83.7 mm, Cable length: 500 mm


The right hybrid learning solution helps students see, hear, and understand the instructor. Now with Scribe, students can stay engaged with whiteboards in the classroom, too. Deploy Scribe in your classroom with your Zoom Rooms or Teams Rooms solution, or connect it to your laptop as a USB device.

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Scribe integrates with leading video conferencing room solutions, including Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. Simply join the meeting and start sharing


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