SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold 2


With the innovative, powerful, and stylish features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, you can conveniently talk, watch, work, and enjoy entertainment as per your convenience. This smartphone-cum-tablet features a Flex Mode to use this device as per your comfort, built-in 256 GB of storage capacity to store your files, and 12 GB of RAM for smooth mobile computing.

Flexible Display

Elevate your visual experience with this Samsung smartphone that comes with a flexible display. By unfolding it, you can use it as a tablet computer.

Flex Mode

You can fold this smartphone as per your convenience, thanks to its Flex Mode. You can use the Flex view on its Main Screen by simply folding it to make hands-free video calls without hassles. By flipping it, you can watch shows on the cover view on its front.

Stunning and Powerful

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is an innovative, powerful, and stunning device that offers a seamless mobile computing experience with immersive visuals.


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